Thursday, 28 April 2011

airplane shot from last summer

this is the cessna 185 last august. i am anxious to get the float flying season underway and was just reminiscing, thought this was a good photo from 2010

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

ice conditions late in the day

the ice has turned black today and floating freely as it has broken away from shore and lifted. my original prediction of ice out may 1 in the bay here looks good. but further north will be another week at least and maybe 2. if it stays sunny and hot it will go quick, but the weather will determine how long it hangs on north of where we are in kenora.

windy day

the ice around kenora is going quicker now. 55 degrees f today and wind is 040 degrees at 10 g 15. so that means we have a northeast wind at 10-15 knots which is 20-30 km winds. it helps to blow the ice around and take it out sooner. i am hoping to put the super cub back in the lake and go for a flight on may 1 which is saturday, and only 3 weeks until walleye opener. the below photo was in later march. the super cub is changed back over to floats and ready to go, we just need the ice to leave!!

super cub on skis

ice out 2011

The 2011 ice out will be later than last year by at least 3 weeks, but as we all know the weather in the north country is never the same twice. This is the start of our blog
 and we are excited to get the 2011 fishing season and blog started. It has been a long winter and we are looking forward to seeing all our past customers and new ones for the up coming season which is only 4 weeks away for the walleye opener on May 21 2011.